Accessibility & Help

Accessibility Claim

From the 1st of Semptember 2009, conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 at is claimed at level AA or higher, for all pages within on a best knowledge basis, due to the high degree of dynamic and user generated content that forms this site.

As such, we will endeavour to bring any content found to fall below standard into compliance within 2 business working days, or as soon as is reasonably practicable thereafter, from the date the non-conformity is reported.

Technologies that are relied upon are:

  • HTML4.01

Other technologies, which are not relied upon, but are used to enhance the user experience are:

  • CSS
  • Javascript

We are fully committed to and enthusiastic about providing an accessible web experience to all visitors and pledge to investigate and correct or improve all accessibility issues brought to our attention.


Help panels are provided throughout the site in the sidebar and inline where appropriate to assist visitors in understanding the user interfaces presented.

If you feel they could be improved upon, please contact us with your feedback and we will be happy to incorporate useful additions or add new help panels wherever justified.