OCT in neuro-ophthalmology (Cardiff and Vale UHB)

Hadyn Ellis Building
Hugh Oliver Jewsbury

Hugh Jewsbury, Consultant Ophthalmologist at the University Hospital of Wales, will be discussing OCT in neuro-ophthalmology. This lecture will review the uses of OCT in neuro-ophthalmology, in particular how it can help to distinguish true papilloedema from pseudopapilloedema and also its emerging role in neuro-degenerative diseases.

The event is intended for practitioners who refer to the University Hospital of Wales. CET points have been applied for.

Parking is available behind and to the RIGHT of the Hayden Ellis building. Do not enter the Optometry car park with the arm barrier. Please do not use the disabled parking unless you are entitled to.

Thu 15th November 2018
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OCT in neuro-ophthalmology (Cardif and Vale UHB practitioners)

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