Glaucoma assessment Gloucestershire PEGLOS

Cheltenham General Hospital
Sasha Macken

This event is intended for all practitioners within the GLOUCESTERSHIRE area who wish to undertake their GLAUCOMA Part 2 practical assessment

For further information, please contact Ankur Trivedi clinical@peglos.org.uk Places may be available for practitioners outside the Gloucestershire area at a fee of £150.

Practitioners who cancel their booking or fail to attend this assessment without prior contact with WOPEC at least 5 days before the event may be issued with an exam fee of £150.

The assessment is in the form of five OSCEs, each takes 5 minutes. Allow 60 minutes for the briefing and full assessment. The OSCEs are based on the four LOCSU Glaucoma distance learning lectures. These lectures and MCQs must be successfully completed 3 days before the event. Contact your LOC to obtain the promo code and instructions in order to access these lectures via the WOPEC website.

Assessment stations:

  • Measuring IOP with a Goldmann applanation tonometer (on a patient)
  • Calibration of a Goldmann applanation tonometer
  • Van Herick’s peripheral chamber depth assessment (on a patient)
  • Slit lamp binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy (Volk) examination of the optic nerve head (model eyes)
  • Written short answer glaucoma case study

Practice makes perfect - Experience dictates that, if you are relatively new to any of the four techniques named above, it would be advisable to gain as much practice as possible between now and the event. It is expected that you are performing these techniques regularly on your routine patients, particularly the use of a Goldmann tonometer (T Type). It is also recommended to review the glaucoma lectures prior to your assessment, this has proved valuable for the written case study.

Sun 14th July 2019
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Glaucoma referral refinement OSCE

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Glaucoma referral refinement OSCE

45 Mins

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