MECS Assessment Specsavers Kilburn

Specsavers Kilburn
Ash Patel

This event is solely intended for Specsavers optometrists within the area who wish to undertake their MECS Part 2 practical

The assessment is in the form of 5 assessment stations, each takes 5 minutes. Allow 90 minutes for the briefing and full assessment. The assessment is based on the 7 LOCSU MECS distance learning lectures. MECS on-line lectures and MCQs must be successfully completed before booking on to the event. Contact Specsavers to obtain the promo code and instructions in order to access these lectures via the WOPEC website.

Optometrists must be registered with the GOC and hold a 'GOC-' number in order to book on the assessment.

Results will be emailed 2-3 weeks after the event has occurred. Practitioners who cancel their booking or fail to attend this assessment without prior contact with WOPEC at least 5 days before the event may be issued with an exam fee of £125 from Cardiff University.

Assessment stations

  • Station 1 - Slit lamp BIO (Volk)
  • Station 2 - Patient interaction
  • Station 3 - Referral
  • Station 4 & 5 - Structured Oral

Practice makes perfect - The only practical element is the slit lamp Volk BIO station, it is expected that you regularly practice this examination technique on your routine, un-dilated patients.

We also ask for a Lateral Flow test to be done up to 24 hours before the event due to the rising cases of Coronavirus. Also, please ensure appropriate PPE is worn during the assessment.

Wed 17th August 2022
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