MECS assessment Staffordshire LOC practitioners

Specsavers Longton
Mark McCracken

This event is intended for all practitioners within the Staffordshire LOC area who wish to undertake their MECS Part 2 practical assessment

The assessment is in the form of five OSCEs, each takes 5 minutes. Allow 90 minutes for the briefing and full assessment. The OSCEs are based on the seven LOCSU MECS distance learning lectures. These lectures and MCQs must be successfully completed 3 days before the event. Contact your LOC to obtain the promo code and instructions in order to access these lectures via the WOPEC website. For further information please contact: Alison Lowell at admin@staffsloc.co.uk 

OSCE stations

  • Station 1 - Volk BIO
  • Station 2 - Patient interaction
  • Station 3 & 4 - Structured Oral’s
  • Station 5 - Referral

Practice makes perfect - The only practical element is the slit lamp Volk BIO station, it is expected that you regularly practice this examination technique on your routine, un-dilated patients.

Mon 13th March 2017
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