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WOPEC are delivering another practical revision course 1 - 3 June 2018 and there are places available. If your refraction skills benefitted from our training, then please tell your colleagues who will soon be undertaking the Refraction Certificate examination.

This comprehensive three day course is specifically designed for those sitting the Royal College of Ophthalmologist’s Refraction Certificate Exam. It develops the knowledge and practical techniques included in the exam’s competencies. The course is open to all levels; from beginners, to those who are more experienced.


The emphasis is on supervised, practical sessions. Delegates will receive instruction in small groups and have the opportunity to practice all aspects of refraction on volunteer patients. There will be a mock OSCE situation which includes stations timed under exam conditions. Feedback is offered on the performances. Prior to the event, attendees will have on-line access via the WOPEC website, to four lectures on different refraction techniques.

There will be a number of supervisors who will be facilitating the event; all experienced in teaching refraction and comprising of practicing optometrists and optometry academic staff. Cardiff University Optometry facilities are ideal for this event. Attendees will have access to a fully equipped dispensing workshop and use of the optometry department refraction clinic. 

The duration of the course is 2.5 days (Friday 1 June 2pm until Sunday 3 June 4pm). It is held three times a year, corresponding with the RCO practical exam dates. Book on-line here Contact for more information.

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