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Low Vision Service Wales

The Low Vision Service Wales is a primary care based NHS funded low vision service, which is provided by practitioners (optometrists, dispensing opticians and ophthalmic medical practitioners) across Wales within community practice. The aim of the service is to support those with vision loss through the provision of low vision aids, signposting to other services and offering information regarding daily living and eye conditions. The service is free at point of contact for all patients and any low vision aids prescribed are done so on a loan basis. 

Patients of any age living in Wales are entitled to access the service. Entry criteria is based on clinical need; A best corrected binocular distance visual acuity of 6/12 or worse or A best corrected binocular near visual acuity of N6 or worse with a plus 4 dioptre add or Prior consent from the clinical lead.  

More information and a list of accredited practitioners can be found at, alternatively contact clinical lead Rebecca John


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